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How We Put $3,000+ Per Month Towards Student Loans

Habits are powerful. They take time and diligence to create, but once the habit cycle is rolling, they’re pretty hard to get out of - whether they’re good or bad. It took ...
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How I Paid Off My Student Loans Before My 25th Birthday

As a millennial, I fell into that period of time where it was expected that if you had any intentions of being at all successful in life, you must go to college. ...




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Get Out of Debt

How to break into the black.


Cheap Travel

Vacation on a budget.

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Investing is easier than you think!

"Investing" a really intimidating word for a young person with very little money. I'll admit that the thought ...

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Why Buying Our First Home With No Debt, an Emergency Fund, and a 20% Down Payment Was So Worth It

A home is most likely the largest purchase you'll ever make in your life (unless you get to ...

Cheap Travel Hacks – Vol. 1

Part of being a Budget Ninja (especially one that lives to travel) is not just saving money so ...
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Planning for the Future Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Live in the Now

It’s hard to think about the future when you’re young. That’s just a fact. No twenty-something wants to ...